Become an Alumawood® Dealer

There are a number of metal patio cover manufacturers in the market, but only one has established itself as the premier brand in the market. The Alumawood® brand is the most recognizable name in the market today because of the aesthetic appeal and quality of the product.

Sales and Marketing Support

Our team is committed to assisting authorized Alumawood® Dealers by sharing best practices for promoting Alumawood® products and supplying promotional tools.

Engineering Support

Alumawood® Shade Structures can be engineered to accommodate nearly any situation. Our engineering team provides authorized Alumawood dealers with support and training.

Quality Products

Only the highest quality products from industry-leading and reliable suppliers are used to paint and manufacture the Alumawood® product line. Our commitment to lean technologies and variation reduction ensures a consistently high quality product. We also stamp the inside of our header beams and rafters with our name to ensure you and your customers receive authentic Alumawood® products.

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